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Createing a compelling & effective online presence for your business, event, club etc.


Developing engaging content for social media, broadcasting and traditional print etc.


See your business in a new light with our award winning creative team of photographers


Enhance your online presence with video, ideal for raising your impact on social media.



Based in Hornsea, East Yorkshire, we are a collective of multi-discipline creatives with many years of experience in IT, Marketing and the Creative Visual arts.

Technology & Creativity combine to make a splash for your brand!



We work with our clients developing elegant and cohesive strategies, adding impact to their communications, helping them raise their profile with memorable creative marketing solutions.

social media




From setup to advice to running your social media, we are here to help.

We can either give you the tools to make your business a success or we can run it for you with a tailored social media plan which will help your business make an impact on your clients.

Contact us today for more information.

Make a lasting impression

While an amazing image can speak a thousand word’s our videos speak millions getting your brand instantly noticed.

More importantly we will increase customer interaction, which in turn means more sales for your brand.

Lets take your brand to the next level

At Element 80 will ensure your brand or business stand’s out above the rest, with one of our targeted plans we will ensure everyone is talking about what you have to offer.

By creating amazing video’s stunning award-winning images for your brand, we will ensure you stand out above the rest 



Get people talking about your business by contacting us today!

Andy Wright

Andy Wright

Drone and Photographer Guru - Lvl 101

Andy has been a qualified UAV Remote Pilot (Drone Operator) for the past 2 years and in that time has provided aerial media solutions for clients such as Gullivers Theme Parks, Doncaster Knights Rugby, Sheffield Wednesday, Rotherham United, Ritchie Bros (USA), Solar Frame and Coptrz. He is also an Approved UAV Operator at Doncaster Robin Hood Airport and is currently OfQual 4 qualified in UAV Operations with intentions to become OfQual 5 (Chief Pilot) qualified in the near future (he’s a nerd)

Iain K Poole

Iain K Poole

Tech Guru - Lvl 100 - not bad with a clicky box

Iain has a B.Sc. in Electronics and Communication Engineering, he is a multiple award-winning Photographer, and a Master Craftsman with the Guild of Photographers.

A talented Graphic artist and web designer, who enjoys the challenge of creating fun yet functional sites which meet our clients needs.

Couple this with Iain’s versatile tech background over 15 years in Home Automation and IT, there is nothing Iain cannot achieve, his wealth of knowledge can be at your business’s disposal.

Mike Bentley

Mike Bentley

Video and Graphics Guru - Level 100

Brewed from Yorkshire ingredients but matured in Scotland, Mike graduated from the University of Life via the Robert Gordon Institute of Technology in Aberdeen.

Mike has a  40 year background in Rock Band Management, Business Management, Marketing, Graphic and Website Design, Branding, Photography and Videography. Once seen  – Never forgotten,  Mike has taken personal branding to an extreme but won’t be suggesting all over tattooing as a solution to your brand advancement!

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